SEO: Revealing The New Secrets In The Year 2015

Over the past few years, Google continuously updates their search algorithms providing users a more seamless experience. While the updates are for everybody’s good, it looks like it’s every internet marketer’s nightmare. Whenever a new update is released, it only means that there are new things that should be changed in their internet marketing strategies – some may stay, but the vast majority of techniques that used to work before may no longer hold any bearing.

Having said that, here are some things that are new in the year 2015 – and here are some of the changes and most recent updates that internet marketers are looking forward to hearing.

More Content Matters

It has already been implemented over the past few years, but it can’t be stressed enough that SEO this year will be concentrating more on content. When I say content, we’re not just talking about original content – but they need to be informative and engaging to the readers. Remember, these updates are now geared toward readers and internet users, not just for search engines any longer.

Use Longtail Keywords

SEO this year concentrates on hummingbird-friendly keywords, and these includes the longtail key phrases and search terms.
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Less Relevant Links, More Value It Will Be

If you would remember, if you have more links you have pointing to your site, your chances of getting better search engine rankings are higher. Today, non-relevant and links from non-authority sites no longer hold any bearing. It’s better to have fewer links, but those that hold relevance and have more value.

Video Marketing, Podcasts, Audio Book And eBook Distribution Matters

Today, your marketing materials will be more difficult to get a hold on. Videos, audio files, eBooks and even podcasts matter a lot in this year’s SEO techniques. Sites with these types of strategies are more likely to get better search engine rankings than others who don’t.

SEO for the year 2015 may have changed a lot – and expect more changes to come. Nevertheless, it’s always important that as a business owner, you choose the best methods and follow all the updates Google has released. These are being done not just to get better rankings, but to avoid your site getting penalized and unwanted hits.